Erla Eliot

Erla Eliot – Owner & Teacher

Erla Eliot is an affiliated member of D.A.S.A (Dance Academy of South Africa)

She trained in Classical ballet (D.A.S.A & the R.A.D syllabus), but decided to spread her wings in 1999 to study Dramatic Art, Directing and Playwriting at A.F.D.A. in Johannesburg. After completing her studies and having acted in many successful theatre shows, films and TV productions, Erla was selected to travel internationally, performing in large scale shows on multiple cruise liners and coporate events. This opportunity took her across the globe and eqquipped her with diverse skills and a professional experience which she is now able to share so effectively with her students.

After completing her Teachers course in Ballet through D.A.S.A, she moved to Bristol,UK  for a couple of years with her husband, where she taught the Royal Academy Syllabus, while running the Annette Adams School of Dancing. Over these years Erla refined her teaching methods while learning what it takes to start and run a successful dance academy.

She then moved back to Somerset West in 2010 where she became the owner of her own Ballet studio in 2011 and since then the Somerset West Dance Academy has grown into a renowned school with almost 150 students, of all ages.