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Oh what a pity, but this show is closed. We are happy to announce that the show was a huge success, almost selling out the Playhouse Theatre seven times! We want to thank all who gave of themselves and contributed to making this event so spectacular, I know the children will remember it for many years to come. On that note, to all the students who poured their hearts out on stage, well done and congratulations. You all dazzled us!

Poster for the SW Dance 2023 ballet show called 'Creation'.


27 April – 6 May 2023

Somerset West Dance Academy together with InMotion School Of Dance presents the spectacular story of Creation.
This is a moving contemporary Ballet production conveying the beautiful story of how the existence of earth and life was formed through music, light and dancing.
A must see for the whole family!
Finding The Light

Finding The Light

5 – 13 April 2019

A Beautiful Ballet production for young and old by Somerset West Dance Academy.

The Story, written by Fiesta Award winner Kanya Viljoen, tells the tale of a little girl going on a journey to search for light. What she finds is much more than just ordinary light, but a light that transforms from the inside out.

Four Seasons in One Day Poster

Four Seasons In One Day

5 – 8 October 2016

“Four Seasons in One Day” will take you on a spectacular journey through the beauty of the four seasons. Join us in the intimate setting of the Playhouse Theatre and experience the joy of summer, the peace of autumn, the rest of winter and the promise of spring! The young performers of three dance studios join hands to entertain young and old with this dance production including Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Worship Dance, Hip-Hop, Theater Dance and Singing. This production will be enjoyed by all ages.